91-year-old Clearwater woman murdered

12:14 AM, May 29, 2012   |    comments
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CLEARWATER, Fla. - Detectives with the Clearwater Police Department continue to investigate the murder of 91-year-old Kathryn Schroepfor.

Her body was discovered inside her home at 110 Orangeview Avenue on Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m. when her son came over to visit. Neighbors say police told them they found her front door unlocked. An autopsy performed on her body shows she was murdered. Police are not releasing her cause of death yet.

Neighbors are also sharing their fond memories of Schroepfor. They say she was strong and independent and had spent more than 70 years in the same house where she and her late husband raised their three children.

Charlotte Michniewicz, a neighbor and close friend, says, "It's sad to see her have to leave the earth this way."

Michniewicz is one of several neighbors along Orangeview Avenue who say the street is peaceful and quiet. They cannot understand why anyone want to take Schroepfor's life.

Bob Schutt, who is also a neighbor, says, "It's a little surprising knowing that Kathryn was such a careful person. She didn't open her door to strangers."

Schutt says Kathryn was a fixture in the community even before he moved in back in the 1980's. He says, "Kathryn was a nice lady -- had lived here since the late 40's, early 50's -- one of the first houses on this block."

He says she continued to live there alone after her husband's death. It was the same house where they raised two daughters and a son.

Michniewicz adds, "She was a very special lady. She was always classy, always took good care of herself."

She wants people to know how special her friend was. "She had a lovely New England accent. Still, 'til this day, it was quite pronounced."

She adds that Kathryn loved taking care of her roses in the front yard until she fell recently and couldn't get around as easily.
"She did not want to leave and so we all kind of felt like we should keep an eye on her, you know."

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