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8:44 AM, Apr 16, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Today I want to help put an end to the three words shoppers hate to hear: "Out of stock."

You could save a lot of retail heartache if you knew whether an item was not in stock before you wasted your time en route to a store. 

Since it's not always easy to get a someone on the phone at a store to check stock for you (especially difficult if you're trying to check 12 stores at once), today I have a solution to pass along.

CLICK HERE and enter whatever it is you're looking for to track the item down and find out in a matter of seconds if it's even in stock at a store near you.

Today's website is also a way to help put an end to the stock tricks that some retailers play. For example, many stores advertise specials in flyers that exist in minuscule numbers once you actually arrive at the store.

Some stores are hoping purely to get you in their doors with the hopes you'll buy something else (in the event they only stock four of those TV specials they advertised for a full week straight).

While doesn't include stock from every major retailer, it's a great checklist I have bookmarked in my Ways 2 Save collection.

Speaking of sales, today is actually one of the weaker sale days of the month and while I do expect some enticing discounts, which I'll Tweet later this morning (CLICK HERE to follow me on Twitter), there was one big deal that caught my eye...

I receive many requests per month for the Ronco Showtime stainless steel rotisserie BBQ (a local infomercial favorite).

Overnight it dropped to the lowest price I've seen it sold for and it's available today at $57.77 (originally $139) with free shipping via coupon code OFFERSCOM at checkout. Amazon was selling it "on sale" for $80 at the time this article was written. CLICK HERE

I'll be scouting out some big deals throughout this week, now that I'm back. I expect fashion, home essentials and pet items to be amongst the biggest deal offerings this week.

We receive absolutely no financial compensation for mentioning any company, product, or deal. The purpose of this segment is to find great deals -- that's it.

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