"Survivor: Panama-Exile Island" -- The granddaddy of reality shows returns!

3:42 PM, Feb 2, 2006   |    comments
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For the third time in 12 seasons, Survivor is back in Panama's Pearl Islands. But this visit offers fans something new -- Exile Island. It is sparse, desolate and unwelcoming. And each week, one castaway will be banished there, left to fend for themselves. Jeff Probst, Survivor Host: "No shelter. You get a flint, a pot and a machete, and that's it. And I mean, that's it. You know, the first episode, somebody goes... it's not so bad. That's because you've only been out there a day. By day 10, 12... it starts pouring down rain, it's miserable. And you're not back at the beach where all the tribe politics and social politics are playing out." The only thing good about Exile Island is that somewhere hidden on it is an immunity idol that can be used at any time during the game -- even after the contestant is voted out. Another twist this time around, there are four tribes at the start, instead of two. Each tribe is split between ages and sexes. But it doesn't last long. Jeff Probst, Survivor Host: "The notion was older men, younger men, older women, younger women... they'll think the way it's going to be and hopefully the younger guys will say, 'Alright, no matter what happens we all stick together, right?' And then in episode two we break it all up and divide them and let's see what happens to those bonds." Survivor: Panama-Exile Island premieres Thursday, Feb. 2nd at 8:00pm on Tampa Bay's 10.

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