Which Florida communities give out the most red light tickets?

6:35 PM, Mar 23, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida -- A new report shows Tampa leads the state of Florida in the number of red light tickets issued.

Of 58 cities and counties with red light cameras, Tampa wrote the most tickets in January with nearly 5,500, according the Florida Department of Revenue.

That topped second-place Doral by 1,600. St. Petersburg came in third with 3,700 tickets. Those tickets equal out to $862,000 in revenue for Tampa and nearly $600,000 for St. Pete.

On the low end for the Tampa Bay area, Sarasota generated the fourth least amount of revenue, with just under $19,000.

The stats aren't helping to slow down camera critics, who say it's all about the cash.

"A lot has to do with making money.  I don't think they would be in place if they weren't making money," said driver Steve Gilbey.

Police argue the cameras are about improving safety.

Officers say Tampa and St. Pete may rank so high, because the cameras are so new in those cities, it's possible drivers haven't changed their driving habits yet. Police expect the number of tickets written to decrease over time.

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