PolitiFact: New super PAC ad uses visuals to say Rick Santorum voted to allow prisoners to vote

4:50 PM, Jan 19, 2012   |    comments
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Rick Santorum

St. Petersburg, Florida - The attack ads keeping on rolling for presidential candidates. The newest claims Rick Santorum supports criminals - or at least the video does. Along with PolitiFact Florida, we check the facts behind the visuals.

The super PAC "Restore Our Future" -- which supports Mitt Romney -- is at it again... only this time, it's after Rick Santorum. There's one part of the advertisement that's very interesting to Aaron Sharockman and fact checkers at PolitiFact Florida.

The ad made for a heated exchange Monday between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum during a debate in South Carolina.

"I am stunned that Mitt Romney doesn't have the ability to discern something that is blatantly false and that blatantly gives a false impression," says Santorum.

"I hope that any PAC associated with me removes any material that is not accurate. But for instance, I hear that Rick Santorum is very animated that the super PAC ad says that he is favor of felons voting. Well, he is! What's he missing?" says Romney.

It's not the words that are misleading, it's the visuals: an orange jumpsuit and specifically, the "I Voted" pin, giving the impression that Santorum supported allowing people in prison to vote.

"Rick Santorum never wanted actual prisoners to vote, that's what is very misleading in this ad," says Sharockman.
"What he was saying is that if you complete your sentence, and you're out living in society freely, that you should have that right restored to vote."

Santorum did vote for an amendment on this, which failed. Because the wording in the Super PAC ad is OK, but the visuals are misleading, PolitiFact Florida rates this Half True.

Two other claims in the ad - that Santorum voted for a teapot museum and the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" - were also checked. Read how PolitiFact Florida rates those claims here:

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