"This plan would have worked," says former bomb tech

11:53 PM, Jan 9, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Florida -- It's the news no one wanted to hear.

The terror plot put forth by Sami Osmakac, experts say, would have leveled buildings and killed people.

The damage would have been massive.

Former bomb technician and SWAT Commander Wes Kenly worked with the St. Petersburg Police Department for 25 years. He was shocked and disgusted when he read Osmakac's plan. He told 10 News, "With the plan that he had, what raises my eyebrows, and I even called another associate of mine and ran it by him too, is his plan would have worked. It was well thought out. It would have created mass disruption, mass confusion, mass casualties. He's methodical."

Kenly says Osmakac knew what he was doing. Documents show that with the young man looking for an AK-47, Uzis, and grenades -- plus an explosives belt -- Kenly maintains Osmakac was ready to inflict horrendous damage.

"This guy has a plan that would be a nightmare for law enforcement, and it would work. Hate to say it, but he had this thing pretty well thought out," says Kenly.

Thankfully, the 25-year-old was stopped.

Those especially breathing a sigh of relief are organizers with the Republican National Convention. With the big event just months away, they are grateful law enforcement got this guy now.

President of the RNC 2012 Host Committee, Ken Jones, says, "While it may be a little nervous to most people, knowing what we know is going on out there, we know that they're going to do their best to protect this event."

Jones says he and countless others are working closely with the Secret Service to have a safe convention for the thousands of people who are attending. The event is second in size to the Olympics, and safety is of the utmost concern.

"It's a very good symbol of how we do things here in this country. We do it peacefully. We transition power, bullets don't get fired, people don't get shot, no bloodshed," Jones said.

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