Teams fly in Flugtag for a cause

10:45 PM, Oct 8, 2011   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- A record crowd of 125,000 packed downtown Tampa for Red Bull Flugtag on Saturday. More than three dozen teams incorporated themes like Office Space, Harry Potter, even flu shots into handmade flying machines which they catapulted off a 50-foot runway over the Bay.

For Dusty Showers' team, the trick was to wing it.

"It's just kind of laying in bed and running it through your head," Showers says. "If it looks like it's not going to fly, I've gotta bail real quick."

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But most of all, for Showers and his flying bra, flugtag was a chance to raise awareness about breast cancer. As people stopped by to take photos or look at the pink bra, he would urge them to look into breast exams and know the statistics about cancer.

"It's not just about a silly bra, it's about delivering a message," says Showers, who has just started a nonprofit called The 2nd Basemen.

Meanwhile, Doc Brown and other characters from "Back to the Future" prepared their styrofoam DeLorean for its flight.

"To know that all the work that went in here is going to go in the water and break into pieces and go back into 1985 is a little bit heartwrenching," says Lanny Donoho, part of Team BigStuf.

The team was in town from Georgia, part of BigStuf, a ministry that strives to bring resources to Kenya.

The DeLorean scored some of the highest points for creativity, but the ultimate prize went to Willy Wonka's Amazing Flying Adventure from St. Petersburg.

The same team won when Flugtag last came to Tampa Bay in 2008. That year, 110,000 spectators showed up.

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