Hundreds of thousands in Tampa Bay can't find work as Republican Presidential candidates debate jobs, economy.

9:35 AM, Sep 8, 2011   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- Leigh Pietrasz, a single mother of two, can easily list the places she's been looking for a job, "Winter Haven, Pasco, Spring Hill... and back to Tampa."

Leigh's search for a job has spanned more than 2 years, and it has definitely affected the way she views our nation's leaders. "It got to the point that when my unemployment funds got cut off and no money was coming in-- I didn't want to vote. I did not want to vote."

However, eight Republican Presidential candidates want her vote. Wednesday night, Leigh was one of millions tuning in to the debate with one thing on her mind -- a job.

Debate moderators knew their audience, keying in on the economy immediately.

Texas Governor Rick Perry told the crowd, "The small businessman and woman, they're looking for a president who will say, 'we're going to lower the tax burden on you. We're going to lower the regulation impact on you.' ...and free [business owners] to do what they do best: create jobs."

In a way, former Senator Rick Santorum agreed with Republican front-runner Perry, "We cut the corporate tax from 35 to 0 [percent] because we want to build the great middle of America again."

Business owner Herman Cain laid-out a specific economic stimulus plan he calls "9-9-9." Cain says the first step is to "throw out the current tax code. [Create] a 9 percent tax on corporate income, a 9 percent tax on personal income, and a 9 percent national sales tax. If 10 percent is good enough for God, then 9 percent should be good enough for the federal government!"

Cain's comments drew massive applause from the crowd. However, popular Tea Party candidate Michele Bachmann's view on creating jobs drew no response from the audience.

"One thing I know is kids need jobs. 'Obamacare' is clearing leading to job killing regulations, not job creating," Bachmann said.

Question is: does it happen soon enough for people like Leigh Pietrasz? "Everywhere you go, everybody's getting laid off," Leigh told us. "We need somebody to just be for the people instead of just worrying about their own jobs themselves. They need to start worrying about the public."

If you're a business owner who needs help, contact Leigh Pietrasz.

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