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Pen pals finally meet after 33 years of writing

10:27 AM, Sep 6, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, FL -- Thirty-three years ago, a 4th grade girl at Sacred Heart Academy named Chantal Fields started writing a girl in Australia named Nano Moody as part of a school pen pal project.

No one ever imagined more  three decades later the women would still be writing each other.

"I guess we must have had this special bond that we just wanted to know more and more about each other and it just happened that we kept writing," Fields recently told 10 News.

"When I tell people I've had a pen pal for 33 years, my friends look at me and are like, 'People still have pen pals?'"

As the women continued exchanging letters, they also grew closer.

"It was just like having this really special friend that you could tell everything to, like whatever emotions, whatever difficulty or whatever great stuff was happening, you could share it," Moody said.

"You didn't have to have boundaries. You could just say exactly what you thought and you weren't going to offend anybody was very special."

"There is nothing we held back in our writing. There was no reason to," Fields added.

Over the years, the women talked about one day meeting and recently that finally came to fruition as Moody and her family traveled to Tampa to meet Fields and her family.

"It's so surreal. You just don't believe it after all these years and you just don't think it's ever going to happen," Fields said.

"It was almost like the photos came to life, like it was almost like we stepped out of the storybook and everything came to life," Moody explained.

"I don't think we would have developed the same relationship over Facebook as what we have in writing, sitting down and writing those letters and, yeah, pouring out our feelings. It was a special time." 

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