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Plant Coach Robert Weiner named in scandal involving University Of Miami Football

7:30 PM, Aug 17, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Plant High School Football Coach Robert Weiner says he is doing good, but his ties to Nevin Shapiro, a former Miami Hurricane Booster who is now in federal prison, have Wiener in hot water.

When we asked Weiner about the controversy he told us, "I don't really have anything to say."

But Shapiro has plenty to say about Weiner, his former plant wide receiver Orson Charles and former Plant High Quarterback Robert Marve

In a jailhouse interview with Yahoo Sports Shapiro says, "Robert's high school coach Robert Weiner came to Miami. Marve brought him to my house and  he was with Orson Charles."

The problem is that it is a violation of NCAA rules for College football players or recruits to meet with school boosters, but Shaprio says Weiner was there when the violation occurred.

When we told Weiner those are pretty strong allegations he asked," What are the allegations?" We told him the allegations are he went to Shapiro's house with Orson Charles which would have been a recruiting violation. Weiner said, "I don't know any of those things happened or would have been a violation or anything like that."

But if those allegations prove to be true, the big question is what the district will do to Weiner. However what is clear, anything Weiner knows about this incident, he is keeping to himself.

When we asked Weiner if he denies the allegations he responded by saying," If I have nothing to say I don't deny it and I don't accept it either way so."

And while Weiner may have violated NCAA regulations, a school district spokesperson says he did not violate any Florida High school Athletic Association or District policies.

However, it casts a dark cloud over one of the most high profile area coaches who should have known better and was hanging out with a man who says he supplied players with drinks food access to strippers and money.

In his jail house interview Shapiro says, "Why should anybody believe me? Because I've got over a thousand pictures and 10 years of bank statements and checks and credit card statements?"

But Weiner has no definite statement on the issue

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