''Dougherty Gang'' mom Barbara Bell relieved kids were found

6:56 PM, Aug 10, 2011   |    comments
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Palatka, Florida - No doubt Barbara Bell spent the last eight days terrified.

Her three children, Lee Grace Dougherty, Ryan Dougherty and Dylan Dougherty Stanley, were on the run from police in a nationwide crime spree.

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The trio of siblings was found in Colorado Wednesday morning at a combination Subway sandwich store and gas station near Pueblo.  The siblings were subsequently arrested after a high-speed chase.

Officials say that the trio shot at officers during the pursuit in which speeds of more than 100 mph were reached.

Stop sticks were placed on Interstate-25, which halted the trio's white Subaru Impreza.

Bell, who resides in East Palatka, went into hiding almost immediately after her children were chased by a Zephyrhills police officer more than a week ago after an attempted traffic stop that went horribly wrong.

The siblings were then seen on surveillance in Valdosta, Georgia robbing a bank while wearing disguises, police say.

Bell's emotions have run the gamut, including feelings of worry,  anxiety, terror and finally relief.

10 News has spoken with her by phone several times, although the conversations have been short.  She said she wanted to keep the lines open in case the children called.

Today, Bell told us, "I'm glad they were found. Thank you for expressing your concerns. I have to hang up now. We are expecting other calls about the kids."

There are reports that Bell told members of the media that her children, who all have criminal records, were on their own and that there was nothing more that she could do.

That's why, she claimed, she didn't want to do any more on-camera interviews.  Reports say that she remarked, "What good would it do?"

The day before, 10 News arrived at her mobile home park in East Palatka hoping to speak with her.

A park manager says that Bell is "extremely upset" and worried about her children.

"She wants her privacy," he told us.

He added, "She is hoping they come out of this alive."

By phone on Tuesday as the nationwide search was going on, Bell said, "I can't talk long. I've got to leave the line open for the kids if they call. I've already put out the plea to my children. I'm hoping they will listen and turn themselves in. Thank you."

Now that her children are in custody, it's anyone's guess on whether or not she will travel to Colorado in an effort to make contact with her kids face to face.

As far as when they'll be back in Florida, law enforcement is Colorado is currently working on the process. 

The siblings face charges in Florida, Georgia and Colorado.

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