Casey Anthony Trial: George Anthony questioned about suicide note

9:15 PM, Jun 30, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - On Day 32 of the Casey Anthony murder trial, the young Orlando mother said she would not take the stand.

She assured Judge Belvin Perry that she was not forced into the decision not to testify.

Document: George Anthony's suicide letter

On Wednesday, George Anthony broke down in court, sobbing during his testimony.

He was questioned about his suicide attempt when he went to a Daytona Beach hotel room.

Today, Prosecutor Jeff Ashton revealed the contents of that suicide note to jurors in the courtroom.

These are some of the thoughts and emotions George Anthony expressed in his note.

•"Caylee, here I come."

•"My loss of life is meaningless."

•"I have never been the man any of you can count on."

"I know you love me and I still question all these years, how can she love me, put up with me? Well I guess you took the vows of marriage and meant it."

•"I love you Cynthia Marie. I really do. That is why I must join Caylee Marie now,"

•"I cannot be strong anymore. Caylee Marie our granddaughter, i miss her. I miss her so much. I know you do too."

•"I blame myself for her being done."

•He says "Casey does not deserve to be where she is."

•"her personal safety is always on my mind,"

•"I love you Cynthia Marie. You are the best. You always have been. Caylee here I come."

"It is my hope that on Saturday afternoon that you will hear the final summation by the state of Florida and the defense," Perry said.

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