Casey Anthony Trial Update: Casey and Cindy make eye contact during testimony

4:40 PM, Jun 14, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - It could be the last day of the prosecution's case in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

The one person that everyone was waiting to hear from again took the stand. Cindy Anthony was called to testify once again in her daughter Casey's captial murder case on Tuesday.

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The trial began at 1 p.m. on Tuesday after the state was waiting on a witness.  On Monday, Judge Belvin Perry ended court early.

Cindy and Casey made eye contact on Tuesday, which has not happened thus far in the trial. Up until now, Casey has ignored her mother.

Today's questions surrounded hair and evidence.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick questioned Casey's mother about her hair color and length in July 2008, when her daughter was arrested.

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Cindy testified that in the summer of 2008, she dyed her hair blonde and kept it short. She also talked about trimming Caylee's hair, however, she never colored the child's hair in any way.

Cindy also testified about her daughter's hair and said that it was brown.  However, Cindy admitted that Casey colored her hair many times. Cindy was asked questioned about her son Lee's hair. She testified that he kept it short.

What the state was basically trying to do was show that the hair found in Casey's trunk was definitely Caylee's.

Prior to Cindy's testimony, FBI forensic mitochondrial DNA analyst, Catherine Theisen, took the stand.  The quality assurance supervisor for the FBI lab discussed hair samples that were taken in this murder case. 

Theisen talked about the pieces of evidence that she got in this case and how she processed it.

She testified about buccal swabs that were taken from the defendant, along with samples from Casey's trunk that included Caylee's hair, according to the state.

Also, hair samples were taken from Caylee's skull found in a wooded area not too far from the Anthony's home.  Her remains were found in December 2008.

The reason this testimony became crucial today is that the FBI analyst confirmed that the hair from Casey's trunk and hair from Caylee's skull were a mitochondrial match.

This means that they match Caylee, Casey, Cindy or anybody else from the maternal line of family members, which includes Lee Anthony, Casey's brother.

As a side note, mitochondrial DNA is inherited, experts say, only from mothers. However, it is shared with siblings, the FBI analyst said.

This testimony is in line with an FBI analyst who talked about "post mortem root banding" on Monday. This is commonly referred to as a "death" band, which is a dark section, found on a strand of hair from someone who is deceased.

The hair sample was taken from Casey's trunk.

The state says it was Caylee Marie Anthony.

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