Casey Anthony Trial: Was Caylee drugged with Chloroform so Casey could party?

9:24 AM, Jun 8, 2011   |    comments
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Orlando, Florida - It's a controversial subject in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Did Casey use Chloroform to drug her own child so that she could go out and have a good time?

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It's no secret the young mother loved to party.

Pictures are posted all over the internet of Casey wearing short, tight, form-fitting skirts and dresses.

She is seen in nightclubs dancing provocatively with other women and posing in photos for "hot body" contests at an Orlando club called Fusion.

According to a police report, a woman who became friends with Casey behind bars told investigators that the young mother confided in her.

The inmate allegedly said that Casey would "knock out" Caylee so she could go out at night as the toddler slept.

That inmate is from Ocala and talked with investigators in a jailhouse interview.

The woman told police that she and Casey talked through the ventilation system. The inmate said that Casey allegedly told her that she regretted having a baby at such a young age.

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So, why does the story from this inmate become important during the trial?

Today, an FBI chemist, Dr. Michael Rickenbach, explained to jurors that there was Chloroform detected on fabric from a spare tire cover taken from Casey's trunk.

Dr. Rickenbach also testified that a chemical consistent with Chloroform was found on fabric that was taken from both the right and left sides of the trunk liner.

Searches for Chloroform were also found on Casey's computer inside the Anthony home, according to investigators.

Detectives said that during the times the searches were performed, both George and Cindy Anthony were not home.

Dr. Rickenbach also said that he detected an odor when he opened the can containing the fabric from the spare tire cover.

Another noteworthy moment today was when prosecutors admitted to making a mistake on Monday.

It involved a can that the state's experts say had an air-sample showing signs of human decomposition.

It was the same sample that was taken from the trunk of Casey's Pontiac Sunfire.

The state admitted that the wrong can was, in fact, identified in court yesterday for a key witness, forensic anthropologist Dr. Arpad Vass.

As a result of this mistake, prosecutor Jeff Ashton then called Dr. Vass back to the stand to show him the actual can in question.

Casey's defense team moved in quickly to zero in on this mistake made by the prosecution.

"Yesterday you mistakenly admitted to the wrong piece of evidence in this case," Jose Baez demanded of Dr. Vass.

Baez pointed out that Dr. Vass was a scientist and was not used to handling evidence.

Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Jason Forgey also took the stand today to talk about search dogs and how they are trained to detect human decomposition.

He then gave specifics about his K9, Gerus, who was involved in the Casey Anthony case.

Lead defense attorney, Jose Baez, did not want jurors to see specific pieces of evidence dealing with Gerus.

However, Judge Belvin Perry did allow prosecutors to admit the items into evidence. His reason was that the jury has to decide whether or not K9 search dogs are dependable in their performance.

Forgey testified that he was familiar with the distinct odor of death. He admitted that he could smell it in Casey's car, in addition to his dog, Gerus, who also picked up the scent.

Deputy Forgey, "I smelled it. Clear as day."

Deputy Forgey also testified that his search dog, Gerus, gave him an alert to a spot next to Caylee's playhouse in the backyard of the Anthony home.

However, after investigators "scraped the ground" and Gerus was sent to that particular location for a second time, he did not notify his handler with an alert.

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