Police: burglary suspect Steven Long carried away big-screen TV on bike

8:35 AM, Jun 2, 2011   |    comments
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SOUTH DAYTONA, Florida (AP) -- Police say it wasn't hard to spot the burglary suspect. He was riding his bicycle, carrying a 59-inch television.

A bike patrol officer says 23-year-old Steven Long had wedged the television between the handlebars and his lap as he pedaled along early Sunday.

According to reports, he panicked when he saw the police officer, eventually ditching the bike and the stolen television. Police caught up with Long in a nearby backyard and questioned him.

Officers later spoke with residents who had reported a burglary. They said they'd been asleep when someone pried open a side door and took the TV. They identified the one Long had been carrying as theirs.

Long now faces several charges, including felony theft.

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