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Casey Anthony jury pool contaminated by woman who fought with George Anthony

11:46 PM, May 10, 2011   |    comments
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PINELLAS COUNTY, Florida - Approximately 50 potential jurors in the Casey Anthony murder case were sent home Tuesday after it was discovered one of them was also a potential witness for the defense team.

Patricia Young, a St. Petersburg woman who says she simply showed up for jury duty when she was told to, is quite familiar with the Anthony case.  She went to Orlando in 2008 to search for the body of 2-year-old Caylee.

She also filed assault charges against Casey's father, George, in September 2008 after he shoved her while she protested outside the Anthony home.

The defense planned on calling Young as a witness during the trial to paint a picture of an aggressive George Anthony.

That didn't save the court from an embarrassing situation Tuesday, when Young set the jury selection process back by at least a day.  She spent the entire morning with dozens of other potential jurors before the coincidence was discovered in the afternoon.

"I had no idea what the case was about," Young said, adding that she didn't make much more than small-talk with the other potential jurors.

"One time I did say, 'The Casey Anthony trial is going on up in Clearwater.' I was thinking the courthouse up in Clearwater," Young said.

While there is a courthouse in the county seat of Clearwater, jury selection is taking place at the main county courthouse in unincorporated Pinellas County.  That building, however, still has a Clearwater address.

"I think it might have been two or three people that I talked to all day...and very little," Young said, regretting that so many people had to waste a day in court.

"I really didn't have any doubts that I wouldn't be picked," she continued.  "But I would have liked to because I think she's guilty."

Young said she got involved in the search for Caylee almost immediately because she felt a personal connection.  She too had a granddaughter named Caylee that passed away due to medical problems several years ago.

Jury selection in Casey Anthony's murder trial continues Wednesday with a fresh slate of potential jurors.

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