What is the Navy SEALS' Team Six?

9:08 AM, May 3, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, FL - It's well documented that becoming a Navy SEAL is no easy task, but one group of SEALS is even harder to get into than any other.

Known as Team Six, members do not apply to join. Rather, they are recruited from other SEAL units.

Pictures: Osama Bin Laden dead


A group of Team Six SEALS are also being credited with carrying out the president's orders to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

Little is known about Team Six, which is part of a counterterrorism group whose operations are always classified and often work outside of normal military protocol. In fact, neither the White House nor the Department of Defense will comment directly about Team Six.

Based in Virginia, Team Six was established in 1980 after the failed attempt to rescue American hostages in Iran.

According to various reports, the group Team Six SEALS tapped for Sunday's mission spent most of last month training in Afghanistan using a full-scale mock-up of bin Laden's compound before being called into action.

Then, under the cloak of darkness, 20 to 25 of the highly trained SEALS flew in to Pakistan aboard two helicopters, sliding down ropes into bin Laden's compound.

The president and other officials apparently watched in real time as the events of the raid unfolded.

When the 40-minute mission was over, America's most wanted was dead, shot above the left eye. 



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