Congressman Bill Young on Osama: That S.O.B. had it coming!

5:16 AM, May 3, 2011   |    comments
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U.S. Rep. Bill Young (R FL-13)


Tampa, Florida - The longtime Congressman walked slowly through Tampa International Airport Monday morning. He flashed a familiar smile to those who knew him, while talking softly with his wife as the two approached the gate arm in arm.

He was holding one of the world's greatest secrets up until Sunday afternoon.

Republican Congressman C.W. Bill Young from Indian Shores knew that that al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was located and being watched by military intelligence in Pakistan.

But, he never told a soul, not even his wife.

He joked about it with 10 News saying, "I think one reason they let me keep a job like this is that they know I can keep my mouth shut."

Photo Gallery: Osama bin Laden is dead

He added, "I don't have any trouble maintaining the secrecy, except when my wife really insists that I tell her, and I can't tell her either."

The Congressman says he found out during a meeting one day that bin Laden was finally located. CIA Director Leon Panetta broke the news in a dramatic fashion. 

Young says it makes the hair on his arms stand up to talk about it. He calls it one of the most successful, clandestine operations they've seen in a long time.

With a smile he told us, "We were having one of our intelligence meetings, and [Panetta] asked me to clear the room, so that just he was there, and I was there, and the ranking Democrat on the committee. [Panetta then said] 'We know where bin Laden is. We have a plan to get him, and we're going to get him.'"

Young would carry around that priceless information for weeks.  He was thrilled to know that the walls were, in fact, closing in on bin Laden. 

Young said, "The world has been waiting for this day, Americans have been waiting for this day. And I think it's a tremendous morale boost for our country, knowing that bin Laden is now gone. He got what he had coming."

Congressman Young is the chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Committee, which ultimately funds operations like this. Young talked about the countless men and women who worked so hard to find this "terrorist" and how great a day it is for America.

"Bin Laden has been the symbol of terror against the United States of America. He declared war on us years ago. Well, he finally paid the price. And, it's time," said Young. 

The 80-year-old was on his way back to Washington with his wife when 10 News caught up with him on Monday. 

He says on Sunday afternoon, Panetta called to give him the good news personally that the deal was done, and that bin Laden was gone.

Young knows that the victims of 9/11 cannot be brought back, but he hopes that their families can rest easier knowing that the man responsible for so much pain and terror will never hurt anyone again.

"We can't bring them back. We can't correct that. Can't change it. But, at least we know this S.O.B. got what he had coming."

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