Tampa Bay Rays break-in: Evan Longoria, David Price, Reid Brignac ripped off in Spring Training break-in at Port Charlotte home

8:13 AM, Mar 28, 2011   |    comments
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Port Charlotte, Florida -- Investigators are searching for the crook or crooks who ripped off three members of the Tampa Bay Rays.

While the Rays were at a Spring Training game Saturday, one or more burglars were cleaning out the house in Port Charlotte three of them had rented for the spring.

Info on the break-in comes from the St. Petersburg Times.

Three players were sharing the house: all-stars Evan Longoria and David Price, as well as infielder Reid Brignac.

According to the Times, Price was the first to spot signs of the burglary. He had come back to the house after Saturday's game against the Orioles.

Longoria said their belongings had been pretty well cleaned out of the house.

It looks like Price got the worst of it. He figures the crooks stole $50,000 worth of his stuff, including several expensive watches and a laptop.

Other stuff reportedly stolen: a 60-inch plasma TV, three iPads, and two Xbox video game systems.

Still, the players took a positive view. Longoria told the Times the important thing is "that everybody was okay and safe, and nobody had to fight their way out of a home invasion robbery."

"A multitude of different things could have happened, and there could have been people injured."

Longoria did a commercial a while back that joked about someone stealing his hat. Now he's dealing with two real crimes in one month.

Earlier this March, Longoria had his classic 1967 Camaro ripped off from a shop in Arizona. It was there having some work done on it.

Saturday was the Rays' last home spring training game. The team opens its regular season this Friday against the Baltimore Orioles at Tropicana Field. 

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