Tampa Bay Storm New Coach Dave Ewart sent out hardcore porn that caused former coach Tim Marcum to resign

11:31 PM, Feb 21, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- The Arena Football League mission statement says it wants to demonstrate the highest character and believes every fan is entitled to a wholesome environment for its guests and family members on and off the field.

However, the Tampa Bay Storm is having a rough time living up to the mission statement following the resignation of former Head Coach Tim Marcum. Marcum left the organization after 15 years following a series of 10 News investigations showing he sent racist and pornographic e-mails and videos from his company computer.

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Now, 10 News has learned that new Head Coach Dave Ewart has similar problems. The day Marcum resigned, Ewart tearfully explained that Marcum had been like a father to him. And as for the Storm's new head coach, it appears to be a case of like father like son. During a deposition for a lawsuit Marcum filed against the former owner of the team, Marcum acknowledged he received hardcore porn from Ewart within the past three years.

Ewart not only received the same kind of e-mails that Marcum did, he also forwarded them - on the day Ewart told reporters it would be business as usual for the Storm and he was excited about it.

It appears to be business as usual with Ewart in charge, as Marcum admits the two exchanged racial and hardcore porn that included women have sex with horses. Marcum thought there was nothing wrong with it as long as it was between him and Ewart.

That sounds counter to the organization that Ewart said he would create as a new head coach. He told reporters they are going to be good positive members of the community and surround the team with kids.

During Marcum's deposition, the attorney for the former owner plays a tape with a woman screaming as she is having sex and Marcum admits Ewart sent it to him. Ewart also sent Marcum the e-mail with a video attachment labeled "Horse lovers beware."

Two weeks ago, we asked Jeff Vinik, the president of Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment - the organization that owns the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Tampa Bay Storm - if racist e-mails and hardcore pornography are reflective of his organization. Vinik said they were going to do an investigation and figure out what happened.

But clearly what happened is the organization didn't do as thorough an investigation as it promised or it would have found in court papers, as we did, that the new coach did many of the same things that led to the departure of the old coach. It knew and turned its head and didn't care. In either instance, it doesn't hold the organization in a great light.

And while Ewart says the organization is not going to look back once again because of e-mails the head coach sent out, the team may have a tough time looking forward.

Ewart did not return our calls. Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment says, "Head Coach Dave Ewart is aware of the code of conduct we expect from the Tampa Bay Storm, the Tampa Bay Lightning and all of our employees. As the new head coach, we expect him to lead the Storm team and its staff in adhering to that code and this company's vision and values."

Mike Deeson, 10 News

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