President Rick Scott?

6:33 PM, Feb 18, 2011   |    comments
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Rick Scott has only been Florida's governor for six weeks.

He's never held another political office.

But there's growing speculation Scott may be interested in a run for president.

It started with him repeatedly positioning himself as an anti-Obama candidate during his campaign.

Since being sworn in, Scott continues to take aim at the president.

Only a minute into Wednesday's speech turning down $2 billion in federal money for high speed rail, Scott slammed Obama, before even saying why he's rejecting the cash.

Then he appeared on Fox News nationally to discuss the decision on Thursday, but didn't do local interviews.

As of Friday evening, the governor's office still hadn't returned our calls with questions about high speed rail.

All of those factors have some asking if Scott wants to make a run at the White House.

10 News political analyst Bill Ratliff says that's a reach. "If he and his people were actually thinking about something like that, I would call them foolish," Ratliff said.

Ratliff says Scott should be focused on proving himself to the people of Florida, especially considering he was barely elected in the first place.

"I'd laugh.  I'd really laugh," Ratliff said, when asked what he would think of a Scott campaign in 2012.

Tampa Tea Party leader and Scott supporter Sharon Calvert says she's behind a national profile for the governor.

"It makes sense to me on these major issues that affect the state of Florida and, most importantly, negatively affect the state of Florida, that he speak about them," Calvert said.

But speculation continues to swirl.

10 News called the governor's office Friday asking if he has an interest in running for president and, once again, there's been no response.

Adam Freeman, 10 News

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