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Marcum: "I'm a pretty good guy"

11:47 PM, Feb 17, 2011   |    comments
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Tim Marcum

In a one-on-one interview with 10 News Sports Anchor Dave Wirth on Thursday, former Tampa Bay Storm head coach Tim Marcum said, "I'm a pretty good guy."

He was responding to a question, about the charges that he was a racist.  The charges were a result of questionable e-mails and jokes that were found on his work computer.

"What I'd do is go back 44 years that I've been coaching," said Marcum.  "And just ask my guys, what's in his heart, how does he treat people.  The answer is, he's a pretty good guy... sometimes I'm too good a guy, it's cost me a lot of money in the past."

The new Storm head coach, Dave Ewart, who coached with Marcum for 10 years, became emotional when talking about his former boss.

"A lot of times in sports, you only hear the bad things, you don't hear the good," said a teary-eyed Ewart.  "The good things about how he (Marcum) helped families of other kids bury other family members.  You don't hear stuff like that.  It's unjust in our business."

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