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Tampa Bay Storm Coach Tim Marcum on paid suspension following news of racist e-mails and porn on his computer

7:35 PM, Jan 31, 2011   |    comments
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Tim Marcum
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Tampa, Florida -- Tampa Bay Lightning and Storm owner Jeff Vinik says he wants to build a world class organization on and off the ice with first class values.

He said that Monday as he announced a new logo for the hockey team, but a storm is brewing around the arena football team he just bought. Court documents show Coach Tim Marcum sent out racist e-mails and hardcore pornography from a company computer.

We asked Vinik if he feels sending out hardcore pornography and racist e-mails are reflective of the goals for his organization and Vinik told us the organization is doing an investigation to see what happened.

Meanwhile, Marcum is saying he didn't do anything wrong. Thursday, he said he denies everything.

But here's is an example of what the court record says was on his computer. We edited out the "N" word, but it was on a tape that was on Marcum's computer.

The tape begins, "911, what is your e emergency?" A caller in this spoof says,"Hey, listen! I've seen a bunch of 'N's' out here."

The fake 911 operator responds, "You say there's a bunch of black men putting weapons into a vehicle."

The fake caller says, "No, I said there's a bunch of 'N's' out here putting guns into their cars and if you don't know the difference between a black individual and a 'N' maybe I should answer your G.D. phone."

And while the values Vinik says he wants for his organization certainly doesn't fit with racial e-mails and hardcore pornography, at this time the new owner of the team isn't ready to part ways with the most successful coach in Arena League history.

Vinik says, like most things he does in business, he tries to be thoughtful and take a deep breath on everything. He says the organization will find out what happened and then see what it will do.

Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer Todd Leiweke says Marcum is on paid suspension. He says the team encouraged him to leave the building and take a time out. And during that time, the owners will determine if the Storm coach will survive this storm.

We talked to some Storm players who didn't want their names used. They say they don't believe Marcum is a racist, but they also say they don't believe he sent out the e-mails. Court records and Marcum's own deposition show that is not true.

Mike Deeson, 10 News

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