Storm Coach Tim Marcum reacts to our report of hardcore porn, racial and ethnic slurs on his computer

7:01 AM, Jan 28, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Storm Coach Tim Marcum is in hot water for having hours of hardcore pornography on his work computer and forwarding it to others.  

It came to light after Marcum filed a lawsuit against the former owners of the team saying he hadn't been paid after the Arena League folded. When a new arena league was formed the owners went through Marcum's computer to see if he leaked any information to the new league. That's when the owners say they found the disturbing images on his computer. 

The images include two naked women using a funnel and fish in an unnatural sex act as well as women having sex with horses.

 According to legal papers filed in the lawsuit, some of the material may be criminally obscene beastiality. We wanted to get a comment from Marcum, but he didn't want to talk and quickly walked away from us at the St. Pete Times Forum. When we asked him if he had something to say, Marcum told us he and his legal team will prepare something. 

We also wanted to know about the racist e-mails referring to Air Force One as Watermelon One, Michelle Obama as a chimpanzee, use of the "N" word  and others with derogatory terms for Jews, Asians, Mexicans and Arabs. We followed Marcum into the Forum and asked when he was going to prepare something to say and he said he was working on it right now. We asked if he was embarrassed and Marcum said certainly. 

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No doubt it is embarrassing to the Arena Football League, which says in its mission statement: "it wants to serve our community with pride and passion as a quality example of individual and team excellence by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect."

Meantime, Bill Wickett of Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment, who owns the Lightning and the Storm says the team is looking into the matter. According to Wickett, anytime any organization sees something like this it gets concerned and wants to get to the bottom of it. He says he will conduct further inquires and probably then have further comment. 

 While Marcum was under deposition, he readily admitted the hardcore pornography and racist e-mails were not only on his computer, but he regularly forwarded to other people. However, now he is telling a different story.

As Marcum entered the elevator to go to his office at the Forum we asked if he denies the allegations and he told us, "absolutely." When we asked if that meant none of the material was on his computer, he said,  "Please back up and get away from the elevator."

Several people asked how we got Marcum's e-mails from his computer?  Due to Marcum's information being part of a lawsuit, it is public record and available to anyone at the 5th floor of the Edgecombe Building in the Hillsborough Court House in Downtown Tampa.

Mike Deeson

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