African Rock python found in Tarpon Springs

9:53 PM, Jan 27, 2011   |    comments
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Tarpon Springs, Florida -- A 14-and-a-half-foot African Rock python founding sunning itself along the Anclote River is now in the hands of a wildlife rescue group.

Tarpon Springs Police called the state's Fish and Wildlife Commission for help Thursday afternoon after getting reports of the large snake in a marshy area near the river.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the Tarpon Springs Python

Gary Morse from FWC, told 10 News the snake appears to be in very good condition.  It seems to be well-fed and has no injuries.  That may indicate the snake hasn't always been in the wild.

African Rock pythons are not native to Florida.  In fact, they are illegal if they are not microchipped.   Authorities will check the chip in hopes of finding its owner.

In recent years, African Rock pythons have been found in large numbers in the Florida Everglades.  Most experts believe they were purchased as pets but dumped into the Everglades when they grew too big.

Last year, the state sanctioned the first-ever hunting season on state land for "reptiles of concern."  No African Rock pythons were reportedly killed.

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