Hardcore porn, racist e-mail found on Tampa Bay Storm coach Tim Marcum's computer

4:23 PM, Jan 27, 2011   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- On the football field he is a champ as Tampa Bay Storm Coach Tim Marcum is the most successful coach in the Arena Football League, but off the field it is another story.

Marcum, who has been arrested for DUI and insurance fraud, although not convicted on the fraud charge, is now at the center of a huge controversy involving hard core pornography.

It is coming to light as the result of a lawsuit Marcum filed against the former owner of the Storm. During an investigation of Marcum's work computer the pornography and racist e-mails came to light.

As Marcum was being questioned during a deposition he was calmly drinking water as he is shown a video of two naked women using a funnel and fish to commit an unnatural sex act. Marcum says only one condition makes it inappropriate and that would be if someone else was going to get into his e-mail. Marcum says if it is shared with one other person, who is a friend, he wouldn't see a problem. 

Marcum apparently doesn't have a problem with the videos of women having sex with horses and other objects all found on his computer, which he viewed while he was supposed to be working. He was asked if he was being paid to look at that material and said he didn't think so.

And while Marcum readily admits the owner of the Storm didn't pay him and other staffers to look at hardcore pornography and racist e-mails and jokes while he was using company computer and working, when he was asked if he made it a habit to forward the e-mails he got he said, usually.

But Marcum wasn't the only one forwarding the offensive e-mails. Bucs quarterback Steve DeBerg was one of the people who supplied Marcum with material. Marcum says he never asked DeBerg to stop sending the e-mails.

Marcum admits he didn't ask people to quit sending racist  e-mails  either. Some of the material on his computer included Air Force One as Watermelon One; an e-mail comparing Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee; and frequent use of the "N" word in other parodies and e-mails.

However, Marcum says  he is not a racist. He says none of the material on his computer has anything to do with how he feels as a man.

We spoke to someone as Marcum's home who said he would call us back, but didn't. We were unable to reach DeBerg. In addition to Marcum and DeBerg, NFL players Jevon Kurse, Tony Siragusa and the late Steve McNair were on the e-mail list.

While Marcum says the material on his computer is not a problem and fits under the "boys will be boys" category... some find hardcore pornography and racist material will put the coach of the storm in the center of a storm.

Mike Deeson

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