A New poll shows Rick Scott has only a 30 percent favorable rating making him the least popular Governor of those newly elected

9:59 PM, Dec 30, 2010   |    comments
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Rick Scott

Tampa, Florida --Since his election, Rick Scott has been going around the state meeting with legislators and citizens. The Governor Elect is making an impression, a bad one. According to Tom Jensen at Public Policy Polling, Scott has only a 30 percent favorable rating. 

Jensen says Scott is pretty unpopular and was unpopular the day he got elected. According to Jensen, the fact that Scott got elected is just a sign of how incredibly anti Democratic Florida voters were this year. 

However, the fact that Scott has the least favorable rating of any newly elected governor in the country doesn't surprise political consultant Wayne Garcia. Garcia says Scott is not a likeable guy whether you agree or disagree with his politics or not. According to Garcia, Scott will never been Governor "Warm and Fuzzy." 

That is particularly true for those who voted against Scott. We asked one Democrat what he thought when we said Rick Scott and he told us, "A crook."

But, it's not just the Democrats who have an unfavorable opinion of the new Governor. Even a majority of Republicans who voted for him have an unfavorable view of Scott.

Jensen says Republic voters have only a 49 percent favorable opinion of him, but Scott still gets to be Governor.

And that could be more because of Scott's opponent as well as the anti Democrat sentiment.

Don Preston told us he voted for Scott, but doesn't love him because of his background. However, Preston says he cast his ballot for Scott as a vote against Democrat Alex Sink. 

And while Scott hopes to increase his favorable rating by running the state like a business, Garcia says the former CEO is in for a rude awakening. 

Garcia says Government isn't a business, because in business there can be one guy who is in charges like a dictatorship. According to Garcia, Government is much more complex than that. 

But if the Governor Elect doesn't learn those complexities expert says it could be a painful 4 years that results in one term.

Mike Deeson

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