UPS opens "mini delivery hubs" in residential neighborhoods

3:28 AM, Dec 4, 2010   |    comments
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Palm Harbor, Florida-- Residents of a Palm Harbor neighborhood say they were shocked to discover UPS had opened a temporary holiday package distribution hub in a vacant home within their neighborhood.

Catherine Kelly owns the vacant home and took a job as a seasonal employee. Her job includes distributing packages to homes through six residential neighborhoods throughout the Palm Harbor area.

Every day around 11:00, UPS delivers between 80 and 100 packages to Kelly's home. The boxes are stored in her garage. She and several other employees then spend the day distributing the packages on small motorized vehicles.

Neighbor Kirk Phillips is upset, calling the operation a clear violation of his neighborhood's HOA rules.

"We do not want commercial activity in my neighborhood period," said Phillips.

Catherine Kelly, who is one of the 50,000 seasonal UPS employees hired to handle an estimated 430 million packages to be delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas, insists she's not running a business out of her home.

"It comes down to interpretation," Kelly says.

In a statement from UPS, the shipping company said if it is determined they are breaking any rules they will pull the plug on the operation.

Kelly says she hopes not. She's depending on the job to help pay for her son's college education and home mortgage.

Beau Zimmer, 10 News

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