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Gov. Charlie Crist considers joining Morgan and Morgan law firm

9:21 PM, Dec 2, 2010   |    comments
Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist
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Tallahassee, Florida - Gov. Charlie Crist says he's had serious talks with Florida law firm Morgan and Morgan about working there after he leaves office next month, but adds that he's considering a number of offers.  

On Thursday, Crist sat down with reporters at the Governor's mansion and discussed a wide range of issues, covering everything from his election loss to what he hopes for his future.

Charlie Crist seemed to have it all early in his term: record high job approval ratings, success in the Legislature passing reforms to lower property taxes and property insurance and he got married.

Now at the end of his tenure, he counts his marriage to Carole Crist as the personal highlight of the past four years.  

On the job, he says he's proud of his efforts to start buying up land around the Everglades to help restore water quality.  He says education is heading in the right direction with higher graduation rates and the crime rate is lower.  

Crist says it is was tough governing in a troubled economy.  He had no problem accepting federal stimulus money because it prevented teachers from losing their jobs and kept transportation projects going.  Crist says the bad economy created angst and fear among voters. 

"I can only imagine the luxury of being able to govern when money's flowing.  It must have been nice for my predecessor to enjoy that, but there is great joy in trying to steer the ship in a consistent way and in a way that the most vulnerable don't suffer, that schoolchildren don't sacrifice their good education and I think that we've done those things and protected our state under the most challenging of circumstances," Crist said.

He also doesn't regret hugging President Obama when the president visited Florida for the first time after getting elected.

"Whether it was President Obama or President Bush or any other president, I just think the way my mother and father raised me and my three sisters was to try to be decent to others and to do unto others and that was the thought that went through my mind as it related to the president making his first visit to our state after his swearing in and the support of the Recovery Act funds to help so many of our fellow Floridians in a most difficult time," he said.

The Governor is also not considering joining a party anytime soon, and is perfectly content with being an independent. 

As for the possibility of working at the law firm Morgan and Morgan, Crist won't give away many details but does admit he likes their slogan: "For the People."

Dave Heller, 10 News

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