UF student Zachary Garcia Googles himself, finds he's accused of murder

10:33 AM, Nov 30, 2010   |    comments
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  • Zachary Garcia
  • Picture mistakenly released by the Polk County Sheriff's Office of Zachary Garcia, wrongly connecting the UF student to a murder.
  • Actual photograph of Polk murder suspect Zachery Garcia.
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GAINESVILLE, Florida -- A University of Florida student is relieved to know deputies aren't searching for him...but he's still in shock that the Polk County Sheriff's Office erroneously released his photo in connection to a September murder.

Investigators originally released a driver's license photo of Zachary Garcia -- spelled with an "A" -- but it was Zachery Garcia -- spelled with an "E" -- who was charged in connection with the crime.

On September 23, authorities say two teenaged boys broke into a home in Davenport, while two other teens waited outside. One of the homeowners, Jose Oyola-Aponte, was able to grab his gun and shot one of the burglars, 15-year-old Otilio Rubio. He later died.

Photo Gallery: Pictures from the crime scene

Because the death occured during commission of a felony, all three surviving teens were charged with murder.

UF student Zachary Garcia learned about the error after searching for his name on Google.com.

"I was just very shocked to find my picture and the article saying that I was convicted of a felony murder charge," he said, "and I was just very shocked and angry that someone put my name up there and said I did something I didn't do."

"Everybody makes mistakes," Garcia added. "I work at Publix and I might get somebody's sub (order) wrong. But for somebody to get (the photo of a suspect) wrong...it's not a sandwich, it's somebody's life you're playing with."

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