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Dee Dee Moore: Prosecution releases extensive evidence in lotto winner murder case

11:43 PM, Nov 23, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Prosecution releases evidence in lotto winner murder case

Abraham Shakespeare
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Tampa Bay, Florida -- New information has been released today in the murder case against Dee Dee Moore in the death of lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare.

Two dozen discovery discs are filled with phone calls, video and pictures between Shakespeare, Dee Dee Moore and their associates.

An informant interview with one of Shakespeare's closest friends, Judy Haggins, seems to show how she worked with Moore to possibly scheme Shakespeare when she revealed, "When Abraham got ready to go to the bank one day to see his money, [Moore] immediately called me on the phone and says, 'You gotta stall him, Judy, he can't go to the bank.'"

Shakespeare disappeared in 2009.  Deputies say he was murdered in April of 2009.  In January of 2010, his bullet-riddled body was found buried in a hole sealed with concrete on a Plant City property. 

Close friends and family told detectives they did not think he went missing because Moore always seemed to have a reason he wasn't around.

"[Moore] fed us real well," Shakespeare's friend, Greg Massey, told detectives. "She fed us filet mignon.  It went from, 'He's out of town' to 'He has AIDS' or 'He's in the hospital up somewhere.'  That he's sick."

Also included in the discs is surveillance video at a Wal-Mart store that shows Moore buying trash bags, duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Deputies say Moore orchestrated the lotto winner's murder after she drained him of all his winnings.

Shakespeare's body was found buried in a hole sealed with concrete on a Plant City property back in January.

While Moore has told many different stories in the past two years, a deputy interview with her mother, Linda Donegon, during the week Shakespeare's body was found sheds light on a different story. 

"[Moore] said what happened that night was Abraham was strangling [her] because [she] wouldn't take the money out of the safe that he wanted to give to the drug dealers.  So, one of them, when Abraham started strangling her, shot him in the shoulder and then she said they took his body out, this guy Johnny says, 'Don't worry, he's alive.'  I said, 'If he was alive, why was you digging the hole?' And she just went blank."

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Erica Pitzi, 10 News Reporter

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