Reggie Roundtree shows you how to get out alive

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Tampa, Florida - On August 24 2010, Lisa Sanchez was driving along a rain slicked I-275 when she lost control of her SUV.

She skidded and her truck hydroplaned into the black water of a retention pond off I-275.

Sanchez says, "I heard a swooshing sound, water came to the top of truck and I thought, 'I'm going to die, I am under the water.'"

People accidentally driving into water and getting trapped in their car -- it is a scenario that happens too often. Especially in the Bay area.

April 2010: A 93-year old man died after driving into a pond.

May 2010: A Bay area woman died after her car ended up in a pond.

August 2010: An elderly couple drove off a Dunedin Marina wall by accident. Some alert rescuers smashed out their window and saved them.

October 2010: A 60-year-old man loses control of his vehicle and crashed through a fence and ends up submerged in a pond.

Oftentimes, this scene ends in death because people panic in this situation.

Lisa Sanchez says, "I couldn't get my seatbelt off, I couldn't see anything, all I was thinking about was my family and my kids."

But you have to learn how to control yourself, because you can get out before it's too late.

So how do you survive the incident?

Under the watchful eye of Tampa police divers and Tampa fire paramedics, we prepared to submerge a car in Tampa Bay with Reggie in it.

Photo Gallery: Getting out alive

After a safety check, the car was propped onto the flat of a tow truck rigged for release.

Inside were two underwater cameras and a backup air tank in case of emergency.

When the car finally submerged, the pressure of the windows was about 14,000 pounds per square inch. That's when Reggie used the center punch of the corner of the window. The center punch is the only device you can use to break the window. It's one device that can get you and your family out alive.

It is also a good idea to keep something handy to cut your seatbelt.

We got our center punch from Houdini Tool.

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