Accused Publix shooter insane?

9:16 PM, Nov 16, 2010   |    comments
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Arunya Rouch
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Clearwater, Florida--  The woman accused of shooting and killing her former co-worker in the parking lot of a Tarpon Springs Publix hours after she was fired, was insane at the least that's the defense her attorney, George Tragos, says he intends to use.

"It's obvious, and I think anyone who knows the facts of this case will know it's obvious, this case is a case where someone was not in their right mind to do the kind of act that was being done," Tragos told 10 News regarding his client, 41-year-old Arunya Rouch.

Tragos filed an intent to use an insanity defense last week.

"I don't believe at the time it happened, she realized what she was doing, at least she didn't understand the consequences of it," he added.

Investigators say Rouch had been fired from the Tarpon Springs Publix on the morning of March 30th after admitting to threatening to kill co-worker Greg Janowski.

Janowski's family told 10 News on the day of the shooting, Rouch had scratched off his name from the schedule and told their co-workers he wasn't coming in because he was dead and she "killed him."

Read:  FDLE investigative report

An FDLE investigative report tells of a sour relationship between Rouch and Janowski that her husband said had gone on for nearly three years.

Hours later on that day, Rouch allegedly followed through on the threat and shot and killed Janowksi right at noon as he sat in his car in the parking lot.

Surveillance video captures the rest of the sequence of events as Rouch entered the store, clutching a green canvas Publix bag and proceeded to look for others, according to investigators.

Tarpon Police officers managed to stop the spree, shooting at Rouch after she fired at them, hitting one of the officers in the belt.

She is now in the Pinellas County jail where Tragos says she remains calm, but very depressed.

According to the FDLE investigative report, Rouch's husband told investigators his wife had told him for at least six months leading up to the shooting that she thought she was "mentally sick" and mentioned it twice in the two weeks before March 30th.

When asked why he thought she did it, Mr. Rouch told investigators, "She must have snapped."

Greg Janowski's family declined to comment, understandably too upset over his loss.

However, the attorney representing them in a civil wrongful death lawsuit against Publix tells 10 News they were successful in keeping the case in state court, despite Publix asking the case be moved to federal court.

The attorney, Barry Cohen, says this will allow them to move forward with the case.

The Janowski family claims Publix knew he was going to be killed and didn't prevent it from happening.


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Laura Kadechka, 10 News

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