Fire Investigator in trouble after his gun was used in a home invasion

10:22 PM, Nov 11, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- 10 News has learned an Internal Affairs investigation is underway because a gun issued by the Tampa Police Department was fired during a home invasion in St. Petersburg. At the center of the controversy is Tampa Fire Investigator Milton Jenkins.

Jenkins, who was the interim fire marshal, was looking into the Ybor fires and is now under fire himself.

The gun fired in a home invasion at a St. Pete apartment was issued to him by the Tampa Police Department. 

When we went to Jenkins home and told him we were doing an investigation into the gun incident he said he wasn't sure he could say anything about it. 

Jenkins didn't want to say anything to us the first time we uncovered he lost a police issued gun. That gun was stolen while Jenkins was attending church and still on duty.  Fire Department Spokesman, Captain Bill Wade told us last year that Jenkins was given permission to go to Bible study during work hours, but was disciplined for losing the gun. He is expected to be disciplined again. 

When we told Jenkins this is the second time he had that item turn up missing, he acknowledged it was true. When we asked how it could happen, he told us he didn't want to say anything. 

And while Jenkins isn't saying much and the Tampa Police Department won't comment because the Internal Affairs investigation is still underway, all the information is in a 35 page report we obtained through a public records request from the St. Petersburg Police Department.

The bottom line is Jenkins would permanently lose his ability to carry a gun and that would mean he could no longer be a fire investigator. Fire investigators are considered auxiliary police officers and are issued weapons because they investigate criminal arson.

Jenkins says he is waiting for Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor to make a decision. 

According to the Police Report, Jenkins 20 year old son, Adrian and another man knocked on the apartment door with the gun pulled, a struggle took place and the gun was fired. 

When we told Jenkins it must be painful for him, he said no it's not, but he doesn't want to say anything wrong that will get him in trouble with the fire department. 

At this point it seems too late, because Jenkins is already coming under fire and in trouble with the department.

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