Need a Job? Rick Scott says: "Help Wanted"

5:53 PM, Nov 4, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Rick Scott: "Help Wanted"

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FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida --  Governor-elect Rick Scott says he's all about doing business differently in the state of Florida, and wants people with new and innovative ideas to join him.

Today Scott threw out some familiar names that will help him as he makes his transition to Tallahassee,  but he says good advice is welcomed from anyone if it means getting people back to work.

"You know, we're rolling. We're gonna keep this moving as fast as we can, says Scott.

The 57-year-old governor-elect, who has has promised to create 700,000 private-sector jobs for Florida over the next seven years, is ironically starting with his own public administration.

While naming members of his transition team today, Scott put-out the bi-partisan "help-wanted" sign and  encouraged anyone with high energy, optimism and innovative ideas, to apply for a job with his office at

"We're looking at Republicans, Democrats, independents. We want all of Florida to be involved," he said.

Scott's transition team will be lead by Enu Mainigi, an attorney who has represented Scott in civil lawsuits. He also named 10 members of his transition team, which will help lay the groundwork for Scott as he takes over for Charlie Crist in January.

The team includes former Lt. Governor Toni Jennings, State Senator Bill Galvano from Bradenton, Tampa-based GOP power hitter Kathleen Shannahan, and State Senator Paula Dockery from Lakeland.

Scott, who prides himself on being a political outsider, concedes he's turning to a lot of political insiders for advice.

"You know, look, I've learned from people that have done things well, and I've learned from people who've said I could have done that better," he said, "And everybody on that advisory is gonna come with ideas and help me make sure we do this better."

Scott says his first order of business - is business.

At the top of the list, he says, is reducing property taxes, phasing out the business tax, and removing regulatory red tape that has stymied job growth in Florida.

"I'm gonna go back through and say 'what regulation do we really need? What's killing jobs?' That's step one."

Scott also promised transparency in his administration, and since he owns private businesses in the state which might benefit from the same de-regulation, vowed to do whatever he had to legally avoid conflicts of interest.

Anyone interested in applying for a job with the governor-elect or to simply offer him some advice can check out their new website:

Eric Glasser, 10 News

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