Haunted house groping: Palm Harbor man arrested

12:05 PM, Nov 1, 2010   |    comments
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Palm Harbor, FL - Tarpon Springs police arrested a Palm Habor man on Friday night for allegedly hitting and groping five children at a haunted house. According to the arrest affidavit 50-year-old James Lewis Carter was an actor in the haunted house and grabbed one child's head and shook it for about five to seven seconds.

The haunted house was being put on by high school students. A 16 year-old female who was an actor and lying on a table was reportedly kissed on the mouth by Carter with his tongue and touched in her genital area through her clothes. Police say the man was intoxicated at the time.

Carter's third haunted house victim was another underage girl who said that he put his hand on her shoulder and touched her breast through her clothing and hen tried to press his face against hers.

A fourth victim who was also an actor at the haunted house was wearing a costume with an opening on the side. She told police that Carter reached inside of the opening and touched her breast and genital area through her clothing.

Carter is accused of punching a fifth teen and then trying to grab him. The teen managed to get away and the suspect took off down an alley. That's where police arrested him. He's charged with four counts of child abuse and one count of lewd and lascivious behavior. His bond was set at $60,000. Carter was released from jail on Saturday.

Police would not say exactly where the haunted house was.

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