Witness "100 percent" sure Leon Davis Jr. shot him

4:41 PM, Oct 26, 2010   |    comments
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  • Brandon Greisman testifies in Leon Davis Jr.'s murder trial
  • Leon Davis Jr.
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Bartow, Florida -- Taking the stand today, Brandon Greisman became the first witness to point at Leon Davis Jr. and say: that's the guy who did it.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I didn't know if it was real or not. It was pretty scary," said Greisman.

Three years and two surgeries later, Greisman may look fairly normal, but on December 13th 2007 he was shot in the face. His nose was blown-off by a gunman.

Today he told a Polk County jury Davis he was certain the man who did it.

"Yes, 100 percent," said Gresiman.

Davis is accused of walking into a Lake Wales insurance office that day, robbing and binding two women with duct tape, then dousing them with gasoline and setting them on fire.

Witnesses say Davis also fired several gunshots.

26-year-old Yvonne Bustamante, 23-year-old Juanita Luciano, and Luicano's prematurely delivered son all died from their injuries. It was a scene Greisman says he'll never forget.

"It was pretty bad," said the 37-year-old recalling the day he tried to help the burn victims, "Her skin was dripping on the ground. She was naked, there was some really - bloody it was bad - the worst thing i've ever seen in my life. There's no scary movie that could come up with that."

Greisman becomes the first witness to positively identify Davis both from a photo line-up and again today in court.

"I got a good look at his face," he says, "I thought he was rushing over to help, but it turned out not to be that way."

Davis' defense lawyers questioned whether Greisman's testimony was influenced by news reports including pictures and video that my have prejudiced him against their client, but Greisman denied the accusation.

"I'm 100 percent positive that this is the guy who did this to me and those poor girls," he said.

For several hours today, the court was weighing whether to let the defense show Greisman a video tape taken at a local Walmart store. Other witnesses say they recognized Davis in the video.

Jurors were sent home while legal teams argued the merits of showing the video to Greisman.

They'll return tomorrow when Greisman is expected to face cross-examination.

Eric Glasser, 10 News

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