Meek, Rubio, Crist take each other on in debate

12:00 AM, Oct 16, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida --  The debate was contagious and entertaining particularly for a political junkie, but it had few surprises.

Governor Charlie Crist attacked Marco Rubio as a right wing Republican and says he is the only candidate who can get along with Republicans and Democrats. Meek hammered both his opponents saying Crist continues to call the Republicans his party, and that he is an independent in Republican clothing. However Meek also attacked Rubio saying he is the candidate of the wealthy and special interest.

Meek says he is the candidate of the middle class and small business and the only one who will protect social security. However in the debate Crist agreed with Meek's position on not changing anything about  social security while Rubio says for those not receiving benefits now and those getting into the system, there must be a change.

Rubio says he is the agent of change and just like he says in his TV commercials, he says Washington is broken and he is the only one to fix it.

While USF Political Science Professor , Dr. Susan MacManus says the candidates stayed on point with their messages, she says they didn't address the number one issue on  the minds of voters and that is jobs and the mortgage crisis.

Meantime, Meek, who is hearing the rumors that he will drop out of the race and is being pressured by some in the Democratic Party, says he is in for the duration. Meek says he still believes he can win, although most think with both  Meek and Crist in the race, Rubio is a sure winner.


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