Still lots of undecided voters in Florida

9:58 AM, Aug 24, 2010   |    comments
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TAMPA BAY, Florida - Despite spending upwards of $100 million on their primary races, a number of candidates for statewide office have yet to convince many Floridians to cast a vote.

Early and mail-in voting is up across the state, but many election supervisors aren't predicting giant turnout numbers.  The last time the state held a gubernatorial primary in 2006, 20 percent of voters cast a ballot.

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"I've estimated 23 percent," said Brian Corley, Pasco County's Supervisor of Elections.

"(It) pains me to utter that because (23 percent) is less than one out of every four voters coming out to do their civic duty. But...I hope I'm terribly wrong and the voters prove my theory of turnout considerably higher than I say it is."

In the final polls before Tuesday's election, there were double-digit numbers for "undecided" in each of the major statewide races. And that was among "likely voters."

Bill Ratliff, political analyst for 10 News, says most of those potential voters will likely stay home.

"In a primary race in a non-presidential year," Ratliff said, "people just don't pay attention."

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Noah Pransky, 10 News

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