9 Years Later: Cold Case Solved in Polk County

9:12 PM, Aug 12, 2010   |    comments
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Lake Wales. Florida - Kimberly Mimmovich loved karaoke.

It was one of her favorite things to do.  She loved singing and performing for family and friends.

"She was always laughing and joking," says Kim's mother, Dorothy Bumbalough.

Sadly, the family now clings to the last photograph they have of Kim at the Midway Lounge on Highway 92 December 7, 2001.

She is seen smiling and singing into a microphone.

That was nearly ten years ago.

Now, almost a decade later, her boyfriend, Dion Kaseta, is charged with her murder.

"It was awful. I wanted to do something to him myself, but I couldn't," Kim's mother said, wiping away tears.

Kim always told her family that Dion scared her, that he was way too possessive.

In fact, detectives say, Dion would often check the mileage on Kim's car and inspect her tire tracks in the driveway to see if anyone else had come to their Lake Wales home.

"He thought of women as property, as possessions," said Polk Sheriff Grady Judd. 

Kim disappeared without a trace on December 8, 2001.

Deputies say Kim and her boyfriend left their Lake Wales home for an impromptu, late night trip to Deerfield Beach.

Several things, however, didn't add up, detectives say.

Kim had both diabetes and asthma, and the medicines she took on a regular basis were nowhere to be found in her purse or bag on their trip.

Also, Kim's dog, Medina, whom she treasured, was left with no food or water which is something Kim's family says she'd never do.

Her mother sobbed during a press conference at her home as she described missing her daughter.

"She loved that dog," Dorothy Bumbalough told the media.

Dion told investigators that he and Kim got into an argument while at Deerfield Beach and that she told him to let her out of the car so she could watch the sunrise alone.

No one ever saw her again.

Dion claimed that he then went to his sister's home nearby for breakfast and went fishing alone after his brother-in-law hurt his ankle.

His family claims he never reported Kim missing until 12 hours later.

Her family says he never helped in the search efforts.

They say they knew he murdered Kim.

Dorothy Bumbalough told us, "He actually called the house Christmas Eve and then showed up Christmas Day. I couldn't believe it." 

The Sheriff says his detectives questioned Dion numerous times, but could never prove he killed her.

Judd says they just received some evidence that overwhelmingly proves their case.

"You can run but you can't hide. My detectives yelled across the parking lot. The next time we see you, we're going to have handcuffs on you and take you to jail," Judd said.

So far, detectives still do not have Kim's body.  No one has ever found it.

Jennifer Bumbalough, Kim's daughter, believes it is buried in the woman's own backyard,

"It's awful to think she's back there. I used to drive by here all the time. I don't do that as much anymore," says Jennifer.

The Sheriff is asking the public to come forward if they know anything about Kim's disappearance and the location of her body.

Judd pointed out to the media that he has seen successful prosecutions in murder cases without a body.

Melanie Brooks

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