Tiger Woods paternity lawsuit filed in Bradenton

9:19 AM, Jun 21, 2010   |    comments
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  • Tiger Woods practices before the start of the Masters.
  • Melinda Brinling, aka Devon James

Sarasota, Florida - A Sarasota woman claims she not only slept with Tiger Woods she claims he's the father of her young son. But the woman's mother says the young boy isn't a love child she says his mother is just motivated by money.

Nine year old Austin does look a lot like professional golfer Tiger Woods. He doesn't care much for golf but loves baseball and fishing. While he isn't telling any fishing tales yet his mother is accused of telling a whooper.

30 year old Melinda Brinling is a porn star. Her stage name is Devon James. She has reportedly filed a petition at the Manatee County Courthouse to determine the paternity of Austin. She claims Tiger Woods fathered Austin during a two and a half year affair. But her mother says there's no way that can be true.

56 year old Sandra Brinling says, "I'm angry because my daughter is a pathological liar." She says Melinda doesn't take care of Austin or the two daughters she had while married to
John Caso.

Sandra says Melinda's rights were relinquished to Austin along with his biological father's rights. She says Austin's father is Pele Watkins, an ex-con. She says she knows that because Watkins took a paternity test and they've known the results since 2002 that show Watkins is the father. She says she also has the paperwork to prove it.

Sandra says of her daughter, "She'll do whatever it takes for her to get what she wants."

Sandra wants Tiger to fight back and to stand up for himself against the allegations. "If he doesn't it's not going to stop with her it's going to continue with other girls and she's going to do it to other men. That's all this is. She's trying to make some money."

Melinda Brinling has been in trouble with the law in the past. Last December she was arrested on charges of prostitution.

10 Connects tried to contact Melinda to get her side of the story but we haven't heard back from her yet. Tiger Woods is not commenting either.

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Tammie Fields, 10 Connects

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