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Gov. candidate Bud Chiles: BP should offer bounty for oil

12:36 PM, Jun 15, 2010   |    comments
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Tallahassee, Florida Independent candidate for governor Bud Chiles says he has an idea that would improve the collection of oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill and create jobs for Floridians.

Chiles is calling on BP to offer a bounty for oil and pay people for collecting it from the Gulf or beaches.

Chiles wants BP to pay the bounty hunters by the pound or gallon for the oil they recover.  He thinks $50 a gallon would be appropriate.

The independent candidate for governor says his idea would be a powerful incentive for thousands of people to participate in clean-up efforts.

"Of course with precautions.  People have to meet safeguards and Coast Guard regulations, but let's allow local people that are losing their jobs and their way of life to go out, collect oil from the ocean, collect it from the inlets, collect it from the beaches and take it to BP, to bounty stations where they would be paid $50 a gallon for a mixture that has oil and water, or oil and sand, or by the pound."

Chiles says the idea might cost BP a lot of money, but he thinks it would be worth the payout.

"I would think that BP would love this idea even if they had to pay out two or three or four billion dollars, if they could actually recover 20 percent or 30 percent of the contaminated water or the contaminated sand because we know this would is going to be a long term problem and the longer it's out there, the worse the problem is going to be."

Chiles believes BP should not be leading the clean-up effort since the company was responsible for the spill.

"Really what is an act of war, what could be considered an act of war against us if it was a foreign government, the people that are put in charge are the perpetrators."

Chiles says placing a bounty on oil would allow Floridians to take action to protect themselves and also offer those without a job a chance to earn some money. 

Dave Heller

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