Want a way to tell BP what you really think?

10:39 PM, Jun 9, 2010   |    comments
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Clearwater, FL - More than 50 days into this disaster and the worst is still to come.

For one Clearwater company, it is personal.

"This is right in our own backyard. Something has to be done. We need to do our part," said e-commerce manager Lauren Brusa of David & Goliath.

From baby bibs and hand bags to mouse pads and pajamas, David & Goliath has been pushing the envelope for the past decade, especially with its t-shirts.

"Our latest and greatest is this shirt right here, " said Brusa as she pulls a shirt off of a steel rack in the Clearwater warehouse, "This one says, 'Thank you BP for killing us."

The t-shirt's message is a cynical spin on a serious situation with cartoon animals covered in oil.

That is not the only anti-BP shirt the folks at David & Goliath created. The other one is a play off of their 'heart noggin' line that reads 'I (heart) BP' and the heart is frowning as oil drips off of it.

"We thought just straight up call BP out, saying, 'We blame you. This is your fault and we're going to put it on a t-shirt'," said Brusa.

So far, David & Goliath has sold hundreds of the anti-BP t-shirts in less than a week. The best part - 100% of the profits goes straight to the National Wildlife Federation.

"They're really working to restore the animals' eco-systems and help with beach clean-up which is very important to us," said Brusa.

Even though one of the messages seems a little intense by using the word "killing", Brusa said, "That is what we were going for. We wanted people to stop and say 'Wow, this is what's really happening.' They are killing these animals."

We showed the t-shirts to some folks on the street and it is clear, the public hears the message loud and clear. "It gives me goose bumps just thinking that it is happening to all of these poor little animals," said one man as another said, "It is good to see a local company standing up for this."

Those with the t-shirt company hope you will stand up with them against the Goliath that is BP, by wearing their message.

The shirts are $20.  You can find them in local boutiques that carry their line as well as online, click here.

Erica Pitzi, 10 Connects Reporter

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