FDLE: Publx shooter felt "tormented"

8:10 PM, May 28, 2010   |    comments
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Arunya Rouch

Tarpon Springs, Florida - They are the images everyone has been waiting to see.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement released surveillance video, along with its findings from the investigation of a shooting that took place at a Tarpon Springs Publix on March 30th.

Report: Read the FDLE's investigation (PDF)

Police say 42-year-old Arunya Rouch shot her co-worker Greg Janowski as he sat in the parking lot inside his car before work.  Rouch also allegedly shot at other officers once she was inside the store.

The question remains - why did she allegedly shoot her co-worker?

According to the report, Rouch felt as though she was "tormented" by Janowski and that he treated her "like an animal."

The report states that one day, when Rouch's husband - who worked at another Publix store - brought Arunya a bottle of Midol, Janowski said, "Is your husband bringing you breakfast?"

Documents show that, one day at work, Janowski told Rouch, "Get back in your hole."

The family of Arunya Rouch says the 42-year-old, originally from Thailand, took incredible pride in her work and felt as though Janowski, who worked in the meat department, "rode" her all the time.

Rouch worked in the seafood department, specifically with sushi.

Rouch's relatives say she "snapped" when she allegedly gunned down Janowski.

On March 30th, Rouch was terminated due to threatening Janowski.  The week prior, sources say she crossed his name off a schedule in the break room and said, "He is dead to me. I killed him."

Managers called Rouch's behavior "a risk management issue."

She pleaded with her bosses that day, saying "I do a good job."

They told her that Publix cannot tolerate violence in the workplace and that she had to be terminated.

Hours later, police say Rouch returned from her home with a gun she purchased in St. Petersburg years earlier and killed Janowski.

Surveillance video shows Rouch entering the store moments after police say she gunned down her colleague. She is seen with a green Publix bag, where she allegedly kept her gun.

Minutes later, officers are seen rushing inside after numerous 911 calls.  They are seen yelling at customers to get out of the store immediately.

Lieutenant Barb Templeton from the Tarpon Springs Police Department tells us, "We are taught now in modern police work to engage a shooter right away. We do not stage and wait for an emergency response team or SWAT team, and we're taught to engage shooter and remove the threat."

One woman seen on video is so scared that officers are shown dragging her to safety.

Meanwhile, Rouch is seen going up a back stairwell to look for a manager. 

When she comes back down, she encounters an employee in the frozen food aisle. The woman is seen hugging Rouch and trying to console her.

Lt. Templeton says, "It is a miracle, and I'm amazed that more people weren't hurt.  I'm sure there would have been more loss of lives if Detective Sgt. Michael Trill had not taken the action that he did."

The last images on the surveillance show officers rushing to the end of an aisle as they shoot Rouch. She fired several shots, hitting Corporal Stephen Van Schaick in his gun belt.

"I think the biggest relief was immediately after that the officers were okay and the public, everyone in the store, was okay," says Lt. Templeton.

Both officers were cleared of any wrongdoing, and it was determined that they took the appropriate course of action in this incident.

Meanwhile, Rouch remains in the medical infirmary wing of the Pinellas County Jail after spending weeks recovering in intensive care at Bayfront Medical Center.

Greg Janowski leaves behind a wife, Elizabeth, and several children.

Tom Rouch continues to work at a Publix in Palm Harbor.

Melanie Brooks, 10 Connects

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