Citrus homeowners say they've been scammed by Nick Stanko

8:47 AM, May 10, 2010   |    comments
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Beverly Hills, Florida - 10 Connects has been reporting on dozens of allegations against Hernando businessman Nick Stanko for what customers call substandard work. The stories date back more than a year. On Friday, a new group of unsatisfied Stanko customers met with an attorney in Citrus County about taking legal action against him.

The stories these 71 homeowners share about 53-year-old Nick Stanko and his business are nearly identical.

Gussie Greco says, "He said he did nice work, warranty for 10 years, that I'd be satisfied when finished... It was not within two weeks it cracked and started peeling."

They all needed the cracks in their driveways fixed and repainted but what they got was a "mess."

"Less than a week later, the walkways peeling, paint bubbling and the cracks all came back," says Nancy Tetrault. She says Stanko charged her $2,700.

Rick Siclari says he remembers seeing Stanko working a nearby business in New York 15 years ago and thought he would do a decent job.

"Atrocious, it's so bad!" says Richard Wolensky. His driveway in Inverness is peeling and flaking with each use. Some Stanko customers say he used indoor paint to paint the driveways.

"The guy has defrauded everybody," says Wolensky.

"Listen to me, listen to me! I don't have to do jack s--t for you," is what Stanko told 10 Connects Reporter Noah Pransky when he tried to get some answers recently.

Stanko customers in six counties - Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Sumter, Pasco and Polk - say he charged between $2,000-6,000 for shoddy work and didn't repair it and often didn't return calls.

Pasco deputies recently arrested Stanko for scheming to defraud. He's out on bond.

"What this guy did was he went from house to house to house  targeting, getting the best price he could [for] doing the worst job he could and getting away with it," Cynthia Holden with Center for Victim Rights tells the Citrus County homeowners.

The Center for Victim Rights would like to hear from any other "unsatisfied" Stanko customers. Homeowners can call the center at 352-628-6481 or email them at The group's website is

A similar meeting for victims in Hernando County has been set up for Wednesday May12th at 4pm. The location is the Moose Lodge at 5214 Mariner Blvd. In Spring Hill.

Tampa attorney Ted Corless says homeowners have a strong case. He's taking it on one county at a time.

"Mr. Stanko wants to take advantage of this many people he, can defend lawsuits in every single county he's ever walked," Corless tells the homeowners. "He's made a lot of people's lives miserable. Our intention is to share that misery with him."

Corless also told the group he will not be charging them any money nor receiving any portion of money that may be repaid by Stanko.

The homeowners have been living with their damaged driveways for one or two years now. And while they'd like to get their money back, they say it isn't about the money anymore - it's about getting justice.

"I personally like to tear him apart. He's my size. I could do it," says a frustrated Nancy Tetrault. "It's hard to believe someone could be so careless in our trust in people."

"I hope he's stopped," adds Siclari. "He took from people he shouldn't of."

Wolensky adds, "I hope they put the guy in jail."

We left messages for Stanko hoping for a response but have not heard back. 

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