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Stop texting while driving and get a private concert at your high school!

11:38 PM, Apr 19, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, FL - If a bill to ban texting while driving passes the Florida legislature, and you're caught texting and driving, you're going to get a ticket.

But you can't get pulled over just for texting and driving - you have to get pulled over for something else first.

With this bill being targetted at teens, the question is, will it keep them from texting and driving?

"It makes me nervous," said Katie Sink, 16, of Plant High School in Tampa. It makes Sink's mom, Tina, nervous too. So, she's happy to hear a law could be coming soon.

"I have a son coming up and if these kids stop, the ones that [are texting and] driving, then the younger generation will know they just can't do it," said Tina Sink.

Even if a law passes, it doesn't mean behavior will change right away. That's why Bay area teens are getting a big incentive to put down their phones and keep their hands on the wheel.

Bradenton band We The Kings is the big reward for the Bay area high school that gets the most students to pledge they will not text and drive anymore. It is a campaign powered by local non-profit More Health, 93.3 and Allstate Insurance.

Executive director Karen Pesce said, "I think having kids, peer to peer, telling them not to text and drive is really beneficial. That's where we're making a difference."

We caught up with We The Kings frontman Travis Clark who said, "All it takes is one little blink away from the road and something terrible could happen to you or a friend or someone you don't know. It's not cool."

"It's great to see younger folks like that getting on board," said Tina Sink. Her daughter certainly thinks it is cool to hear her favorite band speak out against texting and driving - but the concert is definitely cooler.

"I mean, how many kids can say they had a private concert at their school by a big band like that?" asked Katie Sink.

If the band doesn't inspire teens, maybe the new law will. "It forces you to listen," said Katie.

So far, a dozen Bay area high schools are competing in the contest. There is only one more week left if you want to get your students involved. Click here to enter.

As for the legislation, a Senate committee unanimously approved it on Monday. The bill now heads to the Senate floor for debate.













Erica Pitzi, 10 Connects Reporter

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