Goliath Davis Video: Police stop high-ranking City of St. Petersburg official

11:13 AM, Apr 9, 2010   |    comments
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GULFPORT, Florida - Police dashcam video has surfaced of a Gulfport Police officer pulling over St. Petersburg Senior Administrator and former St. Petersburg Police Chief Goliath Davis as he drove away from the city's beach bar district at closing time.

The traffic stop happened in December of 2009.  Gulfport Police Officer Zachary Mills - the city's 2009 Officer of the Year - described erratic driving from a car heading north out of Downtown at 1:42 a.m. early on a Tuesday morning.

Photo Gallery: Police stop high-ranking St. Petersburg official

Mills detailed how the driver of the vehicle was driving just 10 m.p.h. in a 30 m.p.h. zone, as well as crossing the center line several times.

He pulled over Davis and immediately recognized him, but didn't notice any signs alcohol were present, so he let Davis head home after conducting a single test.

The Gulfport Police Department stands behind Mills, saying he did his job and needed to get back to patrol to find other drunk drivers.  But Mills never asked for Davis' registration and never even checked his license either since Davis said he didn't have it on him.

Davis, who was driving his city vehicle at the time, told 10 Connects that he wasn't drinking that night and there shouldn't be any questions about his behavior since the officer did his job and still didn't cite him with anything.

Davis says he always drives slowly through Gulfport and only crossed the center lines because he was busy watching the cruiser in his rear-view mirror.

Mayor Bill Foster hadn't heard about the incident - first reported by local blogger Peter Schorsch - and said he couldn't comment on it since it happened before he took office and he didn't have all the details.

But he also said he'd review city policy when it comes to vehicle use. 

Davis doesn't appear to have broken any city policies since administrators are not required to disclose interactions with police if they aren't charged with crimes.

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