Marquis Cooper's wife calls out Nick Schuyler

12:03 PM, Apr 1, 2010   |    comments
The Coast Guard's rescue of Nick Schuyler
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Tampa, Florida - It has been just over a year since the NFL boating tragedy where four friends set out on a fishing trip in the Gulf, and only one of them came back.

Nick Schuyler is the only living survivor.

He has since chronicled his memories in a book entitled, "Not Without Hope".  The book outlines what happened that weekend, as Nick remembers it.


He spoke at length about his buddies -- Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith and his best friend, Will Bleakely -- and their struggle to stay alive after their boat flipped, and the foursome was met with terrifying weather conditions on the water.


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"Not Without Hope" is the first book to detail the tragic circumstances that weekend.  For some families, it was hard material to digest, since it outlined the last moments of the boaters' lives.


The wife of Marquis Cooper, Rebekah, has been vocal about her disappointment that Schuyler would publicly discuss what she calls a very private matter.


In fact, Rebekah recently called out Schuyler in the national publication, "People" magazine. 


In the Mail Bag section of the publication, which functions as a form of an opinion/editorial page, Rebekah wrote a letter in the April 5, 2010 issue, discussing her feelings about the book and an article written by People after the book's subsequent release.


Rebekah writes, "Nick Schuyler was the one of the last people that was ever with my husband, Marquis Cooper.  I'm hurt that he's putting everything out there so publicly [in a book].


"The other day, my 4-year-old daughter asked me if we were going up to heaven soon. I told her that we probably weren't going for a long time, but that someday we would be there with Daddy. She began to cry and said, 'But, Mommy, I can't wait that long.'


"I struggle daily to create a safe and love-filled life for our child. It appears as if Mr. Schuyler lacks the compassion that a 4-year-old learning to live without her dad deserves and the respect for the private time a family needs to heal.


"I will continue to honor Marquis by dedicating myself to my faith in God and striving to be the very best mom I can be for Delaney. Rest in Peace, Marquis."


Rebekah and Delaney Cooper currently reside in the Tampa area.




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