Bong bill moving through Florida Legislature

5:09 PM, Mar 26, 2010   |    comments
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Tallahassee, Florida -- Florida is moving forward with a plan to restrict the sale of pipes, bongs and other drug paraphernalia commonly used to smoke marijuana or crack.

The Legislation is moving ahead at the state Capitol that would prohibit shops from selling a variety of wooden, metal, stone or plastic pipes, as well as bongs, unless they have a tobacco products dealer permit from the state.

Rep. Daryl Rouson says shops often sell pipes and bongs and claim the products are for just for tobacco.  He says his legislation will help remedy that situation.

He hopes his legislation will help reduce marijuana and illegal drug use by targeting shops that don't have a permit.

"It seeks to bring truthfulness to the process of these guys who are retailing these, what they call tobacco pipes, but they're really marijuana pipes and crack pipes."

"Ultimately, I would like to ban them. The federal government bans the importation of these items and utensils but the state of Florida allows them to be sold once they're here."

A Senate committee passed the bill on Friday and sent it on to the next committee. 

Dave Heller

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