Human bones found near Interstate 75 in Tampa

4:35 PM, Mar 17, 2010   |    comments
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Tampa, Florida -- Tampa police and anthropologists are working together to determine the identity of human remains found along the interstate.

A broken down motorist discovered the bones in the brush off of I-75 near Bruce B. Downs yesterday.

Two turquoise sneakers are what blueberry farmer Rosendo Penalver found on the side of the road. But it's what was in those sneakers that caught his eye.

Photo Gallery: Detectives investigate the scene along I-75

"I'm looking at these shoes and as I'm looking and focusing, I see this white thing," said Penalver.

Penalver and fellow berry farmer Dan Ebbecke had pulled off I-75 to call Triple-A for their overheating car when Penalver spotted the human remains.

"I see another leg bone, and like a piece of an arm bone, and buried a little further looked like a piece of hip,"  Penalver said.

Ebbecke says they found what looked like bones from legs, arms and a torso. Everything but the head.

"There was a question as to whether they were human bones are not, and I'm not a doctor so I really didn't know. But they sure look like human  bones to me," said Ebbecke.

The Hillsborough Medical Examiner will examine the bones and try to determine how long the bones have been there and who it is.  

"We are talking about skeletal remains, we want know how long they've been there until they're able to analyze the skeletal remains,"  said Andrea Davis, a spokeswoman with the Tampa Police department.

In addition to possibly solving a murder, the men who stumbled upon these bones hope that once they are identified, a grieving family might find closure.

"I really would like to know who that person was and how they ended up there, and hopefully they had somebody who cared about them, who will get the news and get some closure," Ebbecke said.

Ebbecke says based on the size of the bones, he believes they probably belong to a woman or child.

Tampa Police say there will be an officer stationed at the scene overnight and there shouldn't be any impact on traffic.

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